Responsible Data Alliance

Providing Protection

RDA was formed as a data vendor alliance by companies that are committed to making it easier to remove data for at-risk people.

What is RDA?

Responsible Data Alliance is a collection of companies that are dedicated to reducing the amount of public information on select individuals who are considered Protected People.

These people are individuals who have been credibly threatened or targeted in the past, and whose information being held publicly can lead to further disruption of everyday activities or a threat to their physical safety.

Providing Protection

Each day, more and more information about us becomes publicly available online. From where we live, to where we work, and more, the data about us grows by the day.

This data has the ability to greatly improve our lives, but for some people, having their information public can have a negative effect on their safety.

The Responsible Data Alliance is dedicated to ensuring a safer future by removing the data of people who have been targeted in the past.

How Do We Support?

Data improves our lives in invisible ways. Many of us don’t realize how many problems data solves for us every day. But for some people, having their data public can cause concerns for their safety.

We make sure the voices of these people are not forgotten. It is our mission to make sure that data is used responsibly. RDA’s partners are dedicated to removing public data on at-risk and concerned citizens from across the internet.

What are ‘At Risk’ people?

Here’s what makes a protected person:

  • They have been targets of violent crime in the past
  • They live under the threat of harassment
  • They often have a permanent restraining order issued by the state or another local authority

Protecting your privacy is one of the most important things in this fast-paced new world we live in, and some people need more protection than others, so RDA is here to help.

How to become a Protected Person

Fill out a form

File a request to have your data removed along with one form of proof. (Either a file or a case number)

Process the Request

We will process the request and once approved, you will get an email. Approvals will be sent to all the RDA network of sites.

Get Protected

The RDA network of sites will remove your data, and you will get a confirmation email once your request has been completed.

Protected People Program

Please fill out the form below, and we’ll do our best to help you to remove your data from all RDA's partner sites if you qualify.

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Who is part of RDA?

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Not an At-Risk Person?

That’s fine, Go directly to these websites and we will be more than happy to remove your information

Partner With Us

Thank you for your interest in joining RDA. Please fill out this form, and we will be in touch.

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